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Skytek - Space To Innovate
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Space to Innovate

Skytek is an award-winning software company specialising in creating innovative solutions for a range of complex and demanding industries.


Leading the Future of Insurance with Space-Driven Innovation and Data Analytics.


Born in space, Skytek’s technologies are used in the most demanding environment imaginable.


Providing visibility and collaboration in the extremes, Skytek makes the security and emergency activity clearer.


Skytek provide actionable intelligence through our range of innovative products to help (re)insurers and brokers assess risk across business lines


Born in space, Skytek’s technologies are used in the most demanding environment imaginable


Providing visibility and collaboration in the extremes, Skytek makes security and emergency activity clearer

Our story

About Skytek

Skytek Celebrates 20 Years in Space Innovation

Skytek’s journey began in Ireland, where we initially provided instruction manuals for astronauts. Over time, our expertise evolved into the creation of the International Procedural Viewer system, a critical tool used by all astronauts aboard the International Space Station and soon to be implemented on the lunar Gateway.

However, our ambitions extended beyond space. Returning to Earth, we infused the insurance industry with innovation through the integration of real-time satellite imagery and sophisticated data analytics. Today, we’re at the forefront of merging these two domains, pioneering the utilisation of space data and analytics to transform risk assessment, underwriting, and claims handling. Whether in property or cybersecurity, our solutions span diverse sectors, all united by a singular goal: to foster predictability, resilience, and security in the future.

Two decades represent more than just a milestone; they serve as a launching point for our continued journey. We are proud to have earned recognition from both ESA and NASA for our outstanding innovation, a testament to our unwavering dedication to excellence. With offices spanning Europe, the USA, and Bermuda, our global presence underscores our commitment to effecting change on an international scale. As we commemorate twenty years of success, we eagerly anticipate the next chapter, brimming with fresh partnerships, groundbreaking discoveries, and an enduring commitment to shaping a brighter future—both on Earth and beyond the stars.

Our story

About Skytek

We are the pioneers in merging space technology and (re)insurance to revolutionise the industry.

Our cutting-edge solutions harness real-time satellite data and advanced data analytics to provide a comprehensive view of risks across all lines of business, including property, cyber, marine, and beyond.

Stay ahead of the competition with accurate risk aggregation monitoring, proactive underwriting support, and efficient claims handling.

Our company has unparalleled expertise in the Space environment, working in close cooperation with the European Space Agency, EUMETSAT and NASA. It has also developed intelligent software solutions for other industries, including, Aerospace, Defence and Security.

Embrace the future of (re)insurance with Skytek and elevate your business to new heights. 

Insurance Solutions

Skytek provides actionable intelligence through our range of innovative solutions to help (re)insurers and brokers assess risk across business lines

Space Technology

Born in space, Skytek's technologies are used in the most demanding environments imaginable.


Skytek are pioneers in the development of software for procedure support
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Elevating Spacecraft Assembly, Integration and Testing (AIT) with Cutting-Edge Technology
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Supporting both space and ground infrastructure
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Skytek works to understand the world in which we live by viewing it from the sky above
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We're in Good Company


Research & Development

Skytek has been at the leading edge of innovation, bringing the benefits of space technology back down to earth. Partnering with Nasa and the European Space Agency, our software is used on the International Space Station. Our satellite and data solutions for the insurance, security and emergency services sector leverage this commitment to the future. Today, our research continues, and we work to transform business with the latest cutting edge technologies.

Company News