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Skytek - Skytek Satellite Club
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Leveraging satellite imagery and analytics to deliver unique insights on properties, vessels and regions.
hurricane-ian-post001a hurricane-ian-post001b

Pre-Even Image: Satellite image dated August 22 nd, 2022 of the Casa Ybel Resort – Credits @AirbusSpace

Post-Event Image: Aerial image dated September 30th, 2022 of the Casa Ybel Resort – Credits @ NOAA

Claims Management

Comparing pre- and post-loss satellite images to assess the extent of damage and verify the accuracy of claims. Identify potential fraud through inconsistencies between the claimed damage and actual images of the asset.

Monitoring & Surveillance

Regular satellite surveillance of large commercial properties or infrastructure projects helps identify changes in risk factors, such as construction activities, environmental conditions, or potential hazards.

hurricane-ian-pre002a hurricane-ian-post002b

Pre-Event Image: August 22nd, 2022 of the Sanibel Causeway – Credits @AirbusSpace

Post-Event Image: September 30th, 2022 of Sanibel Causeway – Credits @ NOAA

Planet Labs satellite imagery of Lahaina city on February 02nd, 2023 Planet Labs satellite imagery of Lahaina city, damage overlay on August 15th, 2023

Pre-Even Image: Planet Labs satellite imagery of Lahaina city on February 02nd, 2023.

Post-Event Image: Planet Labs satellite imagery of Lahaina city, damage overlay on August 15th, 2023

Catastrophe Response and Loss Estimation

During natural disasters or large-scale events, satellite imagery can provide real-time data on the affected areas. Insurance companies can use this information to assess the extent of the damage, estimate losses, and allocate resources more effectively for disaster response and claims handling.

Risk Assessment and Underwriting

High resolution satellite imagery help insurers assess risks more accurately and make more informed underwriting decisions. Custom reports combine imagery with analytics to provide a unique view of a property and its proximity to potential hazards.

canadian-wilfires-pre-001a canadian-wilfires-pre-001b

Canadian Wildfires: Sentinel 2 satellite image – 30th May 2023

Canadian Wildfires: Sentinel 2 satellite image – 04th June 2023

How it Works


Validate insurance claims quickly and efficiently

Identify potential fraud to reduce claim costs

Make more informed underwriting decisions

React quickly to events with near real time information

View more pre/post images and reports on The Satellite Club


Find Out How The SATELLITE CLUB Can Benefit Your Organisation