Space To Innovate

Born in space, Skytek’s technologies are used in the most demanding environment imaginable.

Human Space Flight

Skytek technology has been central in the quest to break the chains of orbit. As we enter a new era of crewed spaceflight, the proper solutions can dramatically reduce complexity and increase safety for astronauts

Earth Observation

Skytek works to understand the world in which we live by viewing it from the sky above. Our innovative satellite technology shines a light on crucial marine and scientific ventures globally.

Spacecraft AIT

Skytek is at the cutting edge of ensuring successful spacecraft launches with its next-generation assembly, integration and testing (AIT) software.

Core Capabilities

We design and develop innovative and specialist communications software for a range of demanding industries, from spaceflight to insurance.

Procedures & Processes

Earth Observation

Climate Data Capture and Analysis

Augmented Reality - Ensuring Effective Spacecraft Assembly

Our Partners