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Skytek - Energy Insurance
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Energy Insurance

Monitor risks and potential exposure for you fixed and mobile energy assets

Monitor Risk Aggregation

Manage global and environmental risk aggregation and exposure across oil platforms, wind power plants, other energy and renewable energy assets as well as the midstream sector.

Pre/Post Event Analysis

Energy assets are at risk from hurricanes and tsunamis which unleash potentially catastrophic events.

Using satellite imagery, we provide pre/post-event analysis to assess the extent of damage, verify the accuracy of claims and identify potential fraud.

hurricane-ian-post001a hurricane-ian-post001b
Energy assets in the cone of Hurricane Ida - 27th August 2021.

Prepare for Weather Events

Identify weather risks to energy assets  in real-time to determine exposures and permit risk mitigation steps. With overlaid weather data, energy exposures can be linked with the weather events, providing data for ‘‘Loss of Production’ insurance purposes.

Tracking Support Vessels

We provide in-depth analysis and monitoring of support vessel activity involved in midstream operations. This includes transport, whether by pipeline, rail, barge, oil tanker or truck, as well as businesses and partnerships engaged in storage and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products.


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