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Case Study – Cruise Vessel Accumulations

In July 2020, at the peak of the global COVID lock-downs, vast volumes of major cruise ships and car carriers were laid by in ports or idle in anchorages worldwide, resulting in high-risk, high-density accumulations. The vessels were also at risk of breaching compliance regulations regarding inspections and maintenance.

Solution - REACT Aggregation Tools

  • Track all global assets and exposures in real-time with detailed current and historic utilisation data for trend analysis and benchmarking
  • Dynamic region monitoring and automated alerts allow a pro-active and therefore more efficient approach
  • Automated calculation of global exposure availability in near real-time e.g. top 5 risk aggregation locations
  • Customisable reports and event thresholds to support decisions on additional reinsurance requirements
  • Compliance monitoring, alerts, and reports aimed at identifying inspections requirements, deficiencies, and risk information
  • Severe Weather tool, providing a real-time pre-event exposure aggregation calculator


  • Insurers and reinsurers were able to quickly and accurately identify rising risk accumulations and adjust rapidly and pro-actively to reflect current exposure
  • With detailed asset information, clients could identify compliance breaches via user-friendly reports and configurable alerts to adjust cover accordingly
  • Insurance brokers were able to provide deep insight and accurate information to their clients, empowering more efficient decision-making processes

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