Marine Casualty Incidents

Marine Casualty

There have been several marine incidents over the last couple of days.
The ultra-large container ship MUMBAI MAERSK grounded at the entrance to Wesser River, Germany. We also saw the container ship SANTA MARIA come close to grounding off the coast of Japan.


On the night of December 10-11, 2021, an outbreak of powerful tornadoes tore through parts of Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Illinois, killing dozens of people and leaving wreckage over hundreds of miles.
The Kentucky region was most affected, with more than 80 confirmed dead. Extensive property damage has been reported, possibly making the storm the deadliest since 1890, when 79 people lost their lives in an area around Louisville.

Skytek Report: California Oil Spill

On the evening of October 2nd, 2021 Beta Offshore reported a crude oil release near its pipeline, initially estimated to be more than 144,000 gallons. Beta Offshore, a subsidiary of Amplify Energy, operates 3 platforms installed in 1981 in the federal waters of San Pedro Bay, connected to Beta Pump Station in Long Beach via a 17.7 miles long pipeline

Skytek Report: Los Angeles Port Congestion

Los Angeles Port

A record number of container ships have been waiting in the waters outside the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to unload cargo. The bottleneck results from a shortage of trucks and drivers to pick up goods and overwhelming demand for imported consumer products.

Skytek Update Report: Typhoon Chanthu

Chanthu has rapidly increased with sustained winds of 155mph from a tropical depression 36 hrs ago to becoming the second Super-Typhoon of the season.
A Category 5 Super-Typhoon, Chanthu is forecast to braze the South of Taiwan with winds of 140mph, still a category 4 typhoon, before making landfall in Huanggang, China.
Chanthu is likely to be the strongest storm to hit Taiwan or mainland China since Typhoon In-fa in July, which worsened already severe flooding across China’s southeast.

Skytek Update Report: Hurricane Larry

The 12th and the 3rd major storm of this season, Hurricane Larry reached category three with sustained winds of 125 mph and is expected to pass close to Bermuda as a large and powerful hurricane, bringing a risk of strong winds, heavy rain, and coastal flooding.
Hurricane Larry is not expected to be a direct threat to the United States, but the NHC forecast “life-threatening surf and rip current conditions are possible” along the U.S. East Coast for the next week.

Skytek Update Report: Hurricane Ida

The ninth named storm, the fourth hurricane, and second major hurricane of the 2021 hurricane season, Ida, has explosively intensified after entering the Gulf of Mexico on August 27th.
Currently a Category 3 hurricane, Ida is forecast by NHC to increase and make landfall as a destructive Category 4 hurricane with sustained winds of 145mph. Ida’s trajectory indicates landfall near Golden Meadow, Louisiana, in the afternoon of August 29th and Baton Rouge in the early hours of August 30th. NHC issued life-threatening storm surge inundation of 9 feet or greater from Morgan City on the coast of Louisiana to New Orleans.