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Marine Casualty Incidents


Incident: Vessel Runs Aground

Impact: Marine Hull Exposure

Location: Entrance to Wesser River, Germany

The second-generation, Triple-E, Ultra Large Container Vessel (ULCV) Mumbai Maersk is deployed on the Asia to Europe (AE5) service.

On the leg from Rotterdam arriving at the entrance to river Wesser for Bremerhaven, on the 02 February at about 2130 UTC, the vessel turned back from the entrance to Bremerhaven channel. Subsequently, it ran aground at about 2200 UTC, 5 miles north of the Island of Wangerooge.

The vessel’s estimated market value is $89,5M, and currently, it carries approx. 8,200 TEU onboard.

At the time of grounding, the weather was fine, Westerly winds abt 20 knots, the vessel passed at nearly low tide, and run aground on a soft patch with charted depth 8,7m.

The operator has stated that there is no pollution, and the port entrance is not blocked. Two multi-purpose vessels and five tugs were sent to try refloat the ship, but the initial attempt was unsuccessful.

Mumbai Maersk run aground on 02nd February 2022 at 2200 UTC


Incident: Vessel Lost Power, Adrift

Impact: Marine Hull Exposure

Location: Okinoshima Island, Japan

The Post-Panamax class container ship CSL Santa Maria, deployed by CMA CGM on route RI1, was sailing from Los Angeles, the USA, to Ningbo, China, and was due to arrive at its destination on 31 January 2022.

On 30 January 2022, the vessel lost propulsion and drifted southeast, up to half a mile from the Cape Misaki of Okinoshima Island, where it anchored to avoid grounding.

The tug Hayashio Maru – IMO: 9400447 was one of the five tugs sent out to prevent grounding and is towing now the CSL Santa Maria towards Yosu, Korea, estimating an arrival on 06 February.

CSL Santa Maria is estimated to value abt $18,7 M and carries about 1350 TEU during this trip.

CSL Maria drifting towards island, now towed by tug Hayashiro Maru

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