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Data Analytics

Innovative algorithms and unlimited storage and compute capabilities have transformed our understanding of the universe, allowing us to model everything from the smallest particle to entire systems.


Data Analytics of Space Weather Events

The FOREST system was developed to support the study of the effects of the Sun on our Solar System.

The project aimed at addressing some of the issues and limitations of current systems by enhancing the integration, searching and visualisation observations from different instruments on a single spacecraft and the more complex task of using multi-spacecraft observations.

Space Weather Event


Improving Maritime Border Surveillance

PERSEUS was a large scale demonstration project in the area of EU Maritime surveillance aimed at monitoring illegal migration and other criminal activity at sea.  The EU Maritime surveillance System sought to identify, test and integrate innovative technologies and satellite capability to improve the monitoring and surveillance of European waters by the generation of a common situational picture.

For more information, see Cordis Factsheet.


Security, Reliability and Resilience for ICT systems

PRECYSE is a European research funded project that defines, develops and validates a methodology, an architecture and a set of technologies or tools. The goal is to improve by design– the security, reliability and resilience of the ICT systems supporting the Critical Infrastructures.

This goal can be mapped into a set of specific Scientific and Technical objectives:

  • To specify a methodology to identify the assets, associated threats and vulnerabilities to improve the level of security for CI thus.
  • To specify and develop a security architecture that improves resilience.
  • Develop a set of tools and technologies for the protection of CI and prevent cyber-attacks against them.
  • Develop a set of tools and technologies for the early warning of attacks to CI and the issuing of countermeasures.
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The platform for European Medical Support during major Emergencies

The PULSE initiative was designed to enable Europe to effectively prepare and respond efficiently to pandemic diseases or other major incidents with many casualties.

The European Health Service includes hospitals, community health services, pre-hospital emergency care services, medical suppliers, rescue services, health-related voluntary services, etc.

These are the core emergency response services to major threats (pandemic disease, major terrorism attacks). The PULSE project sought to explore how the EHS can adopt new technologies and innovations to better prepare and respond to a major medical emergency. Within PULSE, a range of software tools were developed to improve the early detection of pandemics, streamline patient triage and missing person identification.

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