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Skytek Developers awarded International Space Station Award

The Skytek development team recently received a special award from the International Space Station (ISS) during their meetings in Dublin.

Skytek was chosen to host this year’s international meeting which consisted of a week-long series of meetings of the Operations Data File (ODF) and International Procedure Viewer (iPV) Working Group.

The award was presented by Astronaut Tracey Dyson to Paul Kiernan and Karl Chadwick for developments in simplifying and improving the technology, which guides astronauts through daily complex procedures on the space station. The award ceremony took place in the Long Room in Trinity College Dublin. Future technology requirements, procedures and standards for space exploration to be deployed on the International Space Station (ISS), were discussed by this group of International astronauts, scientists, academics and technologists in Dublin.

“This award is a great endorsement of our technical team led by Paul Kiernan and Karl Chadwick and demonstrates the importance of continual product development which has led to Skytek technology being used by astronauts for over 10 years.  We developed XTP in response to feedback from the astronauts, which automates the process of customising procedures for a particular task. This solves a potential major issue regarding safety for astronauts while improving efficiency in operations.”

Dr Sarah Bourke
Dr Sarah Bourke

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