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IPV Tablet deployed and live on board the ISS

The International Space Station (ISS) Daily Activity Summary Report has confirmed that the deployment and installation of the Skytek developed ‘IPV Tablet’ system has been successfully completed and is now in operational use by the astronauts on board to support daily tasks and activities. Daily tasks performed by the crew can range from scientific experiments, space walk preparations through to maintenance of life support and other systems on board the ISS.

The ‘IPV Tablet’ system complements the standard web based IPV viewer to provide a native viewer of operational procedures on a mobile tablet device, allowing the crew much greater flexibility is accessing task details directly at the location of an experiment or maintenance task. 

The ‘IPV Tablet’ system supports the complete set of features provided by the web based IPV and further enhanced to take it account extra capabilities provided by multitouch tablet displays and the portability provided by wireless connectivity. The ‘IPV Tablet’ system provides access by the crew to over 14000 procedures which support the continuing successful operation of the ISS.

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