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Skytek Partners with European Space Agency to Support EarthCARE Satellite Mission

Skytek, a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, proudly announces its collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) to support the upcoming launch of the EarthCARE satellite. Set to launch in May 2024, EarthCARE represents the largest and most sophisticated Earth Explorer mission to date, aimed at advancing our understanding of clouds and aerosols.

In partnership with ICHEC Ireland and NILU Norway, Skytek will leverage their combined expertise and resources to enhance the success of the EarthCARE mission. ICHEC Ireland, the Irish Centre for High-End Computing, brings cutting-edge computational capabilities to the project, while NILU Norway, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research, contributes invaluable expertise in atmospheric research and analysis.

Central to this endeavour is Skytek’s EVDC platform, an essential tool developed and maintained by the company. The EVDC platform will serve as a cornerstone resource for the EarthCARE mission team, facilitating crucial calibration and validation activities. Additionally, it will support the development of mission products during the commissioning phase following the satellite’s launch.

“Skytek is honoured to collaborate with the European Space Agency on the groundbreaking EarthCARE mission,” said Dr. Sarah Bourke, CEO of Skytek.

“Our EVDC platform represents the culmination of years of innovation and expertise in space technology, and we are proud to contribute to advancing scientific understanding of our planet.”

The EarthCARE mission aims to provide unprecedented insights into the complex interactions between clouds, aerosols, and radiation, ultimately enhancing our ability to predict and mitigate climate change impacts. With Skytek’s support, the mission team will have access to cutting-edge tools and resources necessary to achieve these ambitious goals.

About Skytek

Skytek is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions for the space industry, specializing in mission-critical software development and support services. With a proven track record of delivering excellence, Skytek is dedicated to advancing scientific exploration and discovery through cutting-edge technology.

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