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Skytek Update Report: Severe Weather Warning – Hurricane “Delta”

This year’s hurricane season is still active and above average. The 26th storm of the year has rapidly grown from a tropical depression into Hurricane “Delta” in less than 24 hrs, as it moves through the Caribbean with now 85 knots winds.

“Delta” is one of the fastest forming hurricanes of the year, passing over Cancun, Mexico and expected to reach Category 3 or 4 before landfall on the coasts of Louisiana on the AM hours of the 10th Oct

Review Skytek’s analysis of the current exposure across marine, offshore and energy.

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  • Update 1– Issued by Skytek 12:00 GMT on 06/10/2020
  • Update 2– Issued by Skytek 12:00 GMT on 09/10/2020

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