Sanctions Update – Superyachts


There are more than 100 superyachts that have ties with Russian interests or fly the Russian flag, which may fall under the rapidly increasing sanctions imposed by US – OFAC, UK – OFSI, EU, and other countries. The aggregated value of the Russia connected yachts exceeds US $12Bn. Skytek has mapped the superyachts of the highest value and can provide a full list in detail, recording their location and alerts when calling at a port or country of interest.

Skytek launches ‘Satellite Club’

Skytek Property Solution

NASA award-winning software company Skytek today launched their new Satellite Club, created to make imagery from satellites more accessible for the insurance industry. The Club gives members access to information derived in real time from satellite images using   Skytek’s proprietary technology, augmented with expert analysis, as well as reports and advice on cost-effective tasking and procurement of satellite data. 

Russian Invasion of Ukraine: Black Sea Report

Russian Warship in The Black Sea

On 15 February 2022 the JWC (Joint War Committee), added Ukrainian and Russian waters in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov to the HRA (High Risk Areas) through circular JWLA-028.
On 24 February, there were 120 ships moored under cargo operations in Ukrainian ports, with another 60 cargo ships waiting at anchor. The Russian invasion into Ukraine saw vessels in anchorage being immediately instructed to leave the escalated risk area. On the morning of February 24th, the first 24 ships departed anchorage displaying destinations as: “Open Sea” and “For Orders”.

Italian Navy successfully test the Skytek led consortium virtual command and control system

Italian aircraft carrier Cavour Carrier

Skytek leads a high-profile European consortium that includes the Italian infectious diseases authority- Spallanzani, the Italian Navy and Rome’s largest hospital group Gemelli. In Ireland, the HSE and the Irish Centre for Emergency Management will assist with designing and testing the system.
The consortium has developed a leading-edge platform comprising a virtual command and control centre, which will streamline and support effective emergency response. The REACT-2 software solutions support the electronic capturing of case report forms for new Covid-19 cases, contact tracing information, analytics and decision support, and the provision of command and control features.

Fire wrecked luxury car ship sinks

Felicity Ace Fire

The Felicity Ace departed Emspier jetty in Emden, Germany on 09th February 2022 at 1910 UTC after reportedly loading a batch of luxury cars, with a destination of Davisville port, Rhode Island on the East Coast of USA.

On the morning of Wednesday, the 16th, a fire emerged in one of the cargo holds and spread further while the vessel was sailing at about 160Nm west of Ponta Delgada, Portugal.

Skytek joins Northern Ireland Space Leadership Council

Skytek Northern Ireland

Skytek’s Rita Malosti has been invited to join the newly formed Northern Ireland Space Leadership Council (NISLC).The purpose of the Council will be to provide leadership to the space sector in Northern Ireland and work towards securing long term sustainable growth for the sector. This grouping will help to highlight the growing space sector in the region both nationally and internationally.

Skytek awarded contract with the European Space Agency

Skytek Space Technology

Skytek has been awarded a further contract for the evolution and maintenance of ESA Atmospheric Validation Data Centre (EVDC). EVDC is a central repository for archiving and exchange of correlative data for validation of atmospheric composition products from satellite platforms.

Marine Casualty Incidents

Marine Casualty

There have been several marine incidents over the last couple of days.
The ultra-large container ship MUMBAI MAERSK grounded at the entrance to Wesser River, Germany. We also saw the container ship SANTA MARIA come close to grounding off the coast of Japan.